About us

Hi! We are Pedro, Mariana and Leonor, our daughter. At the time of writing this text, we do not yet know the names of our Team, as we are in the middle of a pandemic and the name of those who will accompany us on this adventure is just one more of the greatest uncertainties we have at this moment.

Na Travessa Suítes was born in 2021, but it was in 2007 when we bought a 500m² building in the center of Porto that it all started. At the time, we decided to buy this building to create our home and to provide 6 rooms for guests. The name we gave to the accommodation was 6Only Guesthouse and there will probably still be traces of that brand on the internet ... According to the research we did at the time, we were the 2nd Guesthouse to be born in Porto.

In 2007, Porto was a city with falling buildings and practically deserted from 7 pm when traditional commerce closed its doors. But the desire we had to live in the middle of the city was enough to not think about anything else and the 6 rooms would be enough to give us an extra income to help pay for this huge house.

Meanwhile, tourism has grown and grown and grown. Porto has become a well-known destination, as it was beautiful and attractive. The view of the sunset in “jardim do morro” is no longer a secret...

With this growth in tourism and real estate, we decided in 2017 to sell our Guesthouse, which at the time, already had 12 rooms, as we had acquired the building next door in 2015. It was an opportunity that we could not escape because we could return to invest in a new accommodation, although smaller, but in a more sustainable way.

With 6Only we had a lot of success and a long learning experience. Now, with Na Travessa Suítes, born as we said in the middle of 2021, a year that will be marked forever in our lives, the uncertainties are probably even greater than we had in 2007.

However, the desire to build something, to give the city another rehabilitated property and above all, the desire to welcome and learn about other cultures, without leaving our home is always greater than any uncertainty.



Travessa de São Sebastião, 39

4050-569 Porto


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